I have a profound and everlasting love for design of all forms. I don’t really have a niche that I love way more but if i had to pick one – design-wise, interior design would be it. This blog right here was started for me and me only, but as it’s on the net it’s also for the art dreamers and designers out there. It’s where I spill the beans on my latest projects and share the best of the best from around the web. I promise I’ll do my very best to keep you entertained with weekly posts about interior design which is so much of my life, my work, and my passion!

I’m an interior designer in Melbourne and, while we’ve all heard the story, this little blog began as a passion project just for me and perhaps as a way to keep a record of the things ive created over the years. To be honest, I’m pretty sure my mum was the only person reading it for a while. After a bit of secret ghost blogging on some bigger home decor sites, in 2015 i decided to dedicate more of my time to art and interior design work and was freelancing my way through Melbourne, setting up some of the most beautiful homes and offices you’ve ever seen.

I got a bit more organised in 2016 and have launched my own Interior Design business. It’s been quite the journey thus far, and I promise to keep you all up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes; design tips, tricks, secrets and all! My goal is to deliver uplifting content of all kinds twice a week, each and every week – except in December, because, you know..life happens.

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