The Right Way To Do A Feature Wall

Call them feature walls, accent walls, statement wall or whatever name you give them; the fact remains that they are incredible interior design features. 

How to Do a Feature Wall Right

Accent WallsWhether you want to create a simple or dramatic focal point, highlight for an architectural feature or just a contrasting section of the wall that will have everyone wowed and make your home more attractive, then this is the perfect option to go for.  But you’ve to do it right.

Choose the Right Wall

Not every wall in the house can bring out the best view of the house. You should always select the wall that’s most visible particularly when one enters the house- it should be the wall that the eye is first drawn to when you enter the room. Numerous considerations such as the key focal points in the room and how they would complement with the feature wall must be taken into account to bring out a dramatic look.

Choose the Colour

The choice of the colour is crucial, but there are no rules. You can choose any colour that you feel will enhance the aesthetics of the room depending on the already installed décor. For instance, the choice of colour should always bring out a dramatic contrast so as to come out with the great appeal. For example, you should contrast muted colour with a bold room and vice versa. Be bold with paint colours and don’t shy away from experimenting and going beyond what’s known to be normal.

Wall with Colors

Choose the Texture

For a long time, the painted feature has dominated the interior designs. But the interior designer in Melbourne feel that it’s no longer a trend to follow and its time could be over. The trending trick is natural patterns and textures of fabrics, wood, metal or stones since they are proving to be more interesting compared to painted feature. Make sure that you have the selected the right textures so as you pull off an excellent appeal.

Strategically Place Furniture

This is another feature that you must put into consideration for you to bring out the best out of the feature wall. The furniture and the rest of the interior décor must be placed strategically to help enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Avoid obscuring your walls with too much furniture since this won’t work well with the feature wall.


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