Tips On How To Choose The Right Rug

A Quick Rug Buyers Guide

Rugs are among the few home décor items that can really transform the appearance of your home significantly. It makes the other parts of your home really come together. Although they can be a bit expensive compared to standard carpet, they always infuse a room with style and warmth, and are seen as an investment. Most panel experts agree that proper choice of colour, texture and feel are the building blocks to having a cohesive rug that fits your space.

Before you buy a rug, you need to take on a holistic approach and consider every element in the room. You should consider the sofa and the artwork in the room, and below are tips that will help you to choose the right rug.

modern living area with feature rug

Style and Materials

Before you can purchase your rug, you should put into consideration the furniture, size, shape and wall colour in the room. If you would like to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, consider a wool rug with a muted palette. However, there are those who prefer deeper, moody atmospheres, those folks should go for rugs with richer tones and a lot of texture.

The material that the rug is made from determines a lot of the purpose you want it to serve. It can be purely functional or can be simply a touch of luxury in your home. For those that want durability, go for wool blends or natural fibres like sisal or look for synthetic fibres.


Although square or rectangular rugs may appear more traditional, they are considered perfect in defining space. Due to fantastic home designs nowadays, round rugs are also impressive and create a beautiful environment. According to many panel stylists, shape rugs add a softness in the room even if they don’t fit in the space perfectly. Square and rectangular ones have to be in the right size but can also look great. Round rugs look very charming especially when placed under well-designed round chairs and tables.

Child-Friendly Option

Children are very sensitive whenit comes to rugs. A durable rug with an elegant look should be of consideration when purchasing a rug to suit your child. Texture, weave and patterns matter a lot too. Most parents consider a wool blend rug since they makes the feet feel great and are good for children. Most children like sitting and playing on the rug, hence the need decide on a lovely patterned rug. A graphic rug with a two-tone thread is a perfect for any kid.

Save or Splurge

As mentioned earlier, rugs can be expensive especially when you need a big one. However, there are some colourful and inexpensive rugs in the market. There are many great options, depending on the purpose of your rug.




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