Best Interior Design Trends of 2017

When it comes to home décor, interior designs should capture visitor’s attention and make a statement. As a matter of fact, any design should enhance your home’s aesthetics. But pulling off a striking look is not that easy. That’s why we always advise homeowners to hire experts to help them pull off a standout yet classic look. With their experience in the industry, interior designers can help to produce an incredible look even with limited resources. They can do magic with the little that you have.

With more homeowners seeking comfy and cosy homes, interior home designers are becoming more creative. This year, numerous new interior designs are already making it big in the industry. In this piece, we are going to take a look at the trending interior designs for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms that can transform your place like never before.

Best Kitchen Interior Design Trends of 2017

The kitchen is the heart of today’s homes. In most homes, the kitchen is the room with the most financial value. It is also a place where we cook, enjoy food and socialise with family and friends. Apart from that, a kitchen defines your home’s beauty, and that is why it should be kept looking at its best. With proper interior designs, you can change the look of this space by just changing and adding a few things. Even if you are not planning for a total re-do or renovation, various trendy updates can change the appearance and ease of operation in your kitchen tremendously. Here are the trending interior designs that will change your kitchens for real.

Smart Kitchen

Smart KitchenSmart kitchen is definitely the most trending interior design. With advancement in technology, kitchens have been adapting to these changes in a great way. There are numerous innovations this that has made the kitchen much more user friendly. Unlike the past, today you can have the kitchen fully automated. With a smart kitchen, you can have every function and appliance including lighting, fridge, faucets, and water heater amongst other things.

For order kitchens, you can have the sensors, and smart gadgets installed to make them smarter. Imagine having sensor-equipped faucets in the kitchen that can sense a hand’s presence. You can also have a fridge that alerts you anytime your grocery runs low or a coffee maker that automatically makes coffee when you wake up. These are just of the ways that smart kitchens are making life better and why they are trending.

Quartz Worktops

This was a trend that was introduced in 2016 and started to pick up very fast from the beginning of this year. A huge number of people have been upgrading from the laminate to quartz for their bench tops. Quartz worktops are made from natural stones that add more value to the kitchen compared to the laminate. Just like granites, they are best known for giving the kitchen a refined and polished look.

Quartz bench tops are very sophisticated in appearances, and they will definitely change the way your kitchen looks. Quartz provides a hard, solid surface that makes it extremely durable. It’s not prone to scratches, stains and therefore, it will not wear out that easily. Another thing that is making it popular is the fact it’s easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Kitchen Cabinet ColoursIn any kitchen design, cabinets play a huge role in aesthetics. From their colour to the placement and designs, cabinets have for a long time been used to give the kitchen a striking look. It’s indisputable that white has been a dominant colour in the kitchen cabinetry. Its clean look has been the main reason why most of the homeowners insist on having white colour for the cabinets. Although it’s still expected to remain popular in 2017, there are a few designs that are proving quite significant when it comes to cabinet colours.

Expected to pick up this year is the grey colour for the cabinets. The colour is mostly associated with elegance, and this is the reason it’s picking up quickly. It’s mostly popular with homeowners who want to give their kitchens a luxurious feel. Black is another colour that is slowly making its way into the kitchen designs. Black cabinets produce an elegant and deeply rich, luxurious kitchen atmosphere. Though homeowners might not do away with white colour, grey and blacks colours are already trending colours in 2017.

Focus on Storage efficiency

Space creation and storage efficiency are two main features that are setting trends in the kitchen designs. It’s always a challenge to balance between the kitchen cabinetry and space utilisation. In most cases, the structuring of the shelves and the drawers ends up wasting a lot of spaces. In some cases, space might be too small for some larger things or the opposite. On the other hand, canbinets that are too wide can eat into the space left for other appliances.

Such inefficiencies are already setting the trend in 2017. To address these inadequacies and ineffectiveness, homeowners are looking for better storage solutions with the cabinetry. Among the most popular cabinetry trends include dividing for utensils and cutlery, tray dividers, caddies for pots and pans, pull-out for spices and decorative wicker baskets among others. These designs are meant to enhance storage efficiency, and they are expected to trend throughout this year.

Appliances: Preference and New Styles

Black Stainless Steel Kitchen AppliancesHomeowners have come to realise that they cannot get a facelift to their kitchen if they still retain the same appliances. You can redefine every part of the kitchen, but the appliance will still give that feel of the old kitchen. Some time ago, the colour of the appliance was all white, and it was never a concern to many including interior designers. Today, homeowners are more interested in the tone of the appliance to enhance aesthetics of their kitchen.

The hottest trend this year is black stainless steel appliances. Homeowners are quickly doing away with all white appliances and are embracing a wider range of tones around the kitchen. More interesting is the fading away of the must-have commercial ranges in most of the Brisbane homes. More and more homeowners are for the cooktops designed with separate double wall ovens. Although expensive, these enhanced aesthetics are the reason for their increasing popularity.

Juxtaposition of Spaces

This is one of the trends that captures attention and make a statement instantly. What has made juxtaposition popular is the ease of executing and how flexible and versatile it can be. All you need is to turn things around and create a unique match-up. For instance, you can do it between the flooring and the cabinetry. This will fit very well with a sleek/polished cabinet and a textured floor that is more rustic. Such juxtaposition will give the space a classic look.

Larger Kitchen Island

Large Kitchen IslandKitchen islands have been here for some time but have been redesigned to improve efficiency, ease of use and aesthetics. They were previously designed to be narrow and small in size. This could only support food preparation and occasional breakfasts. Now there is a new trend of larger kitchen islands that are designed to not only for ease of use but also to make a statement.

What is making them popular among homeowners is its versatility. They can have the storage cabinets and can also be fitted with various cooking appliances. Apart from that, they can also be used to serve dining and drinks. With the current craze about the large kitchen island, it is expected that the design might soon extend into the living room.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

For a long time, kitchens have been a dangerous place for the pets. But this is slowly changing with 2017 being the year when this has been taken a notch higher. There are trending designs meant to make kitchens user-friendly. This is being achieved by installing floors that are pet-friendly. Most kitchens are also being designed with feeder stations, pet food storage cabinet and playing spaces for pets. This makes it comfortable and safe to have pets in the kitchen.

Best Bathroom Design Trends of 2017

For most of us, the bathroom is more of a personal sanctuary. It’s a place where you can relieve the stress of the day. That’s why it should be given the best design to create a cosy and comfy environment. There are numerous bathroom designs, but it’s always to go for the new and trending ones. Here are some of the trending bathroom designs that you can try when designing or redesigning your home:

Bold Cabinetry

Bold Bathroom CabinetDecorated cabinets are meant to be fitted in kitchens, but this has changed recently. The trend has now come into the bathrooms. Pure black or navy blue cabinets will make a very luxurious bathroom. Gold fittings and clean white countertops will always make it have an outstanding look.

Different Metals

Metals in the bathroom can improve its aesthetics significantly. Initially, people used gold and brass in their bathroom to make them more glamorous. However, with improved bathroom technology silver metals and darker tones have made a breakthrough into the market. They are giving the modern cabinetry a beautiful and attractive look.

Have a Creative Storage

Storage is very necessary when it comes to a decent bathroom. Use the lidded basket to keep any dirt. Also, have honeycomb wall shelves to keep the nail polish and other things.

Sea Foam Green

Pink colour has been used so much in the last few year and hence the need for a change. Sea foam green has promised to be an excellent colour in the bathroom. It has turned to be a stunning tile colour especially when you are using marble countertops and also a colourful rug.

Have Statement Furniture

Cozy BathroomIn the past, people thought the bathroom was just a place for bathing. However, this is not the case anymore. The bathroom has become a place of refreshment and also somewhere you can do a manicure and pedicure. You can install some of the furniture like a cosy perch to help you in painting your nails among other things.

Free-Standing Tubs

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious space with a freestanding tub. They are here to make your dream come true. They look exemplary neat when installed in the bathroom. However, they require plenty of space, but this is not an issue considering how your new bathroom will look.

Lean Cabinets

Besides looking smart, a bathroom should be spacious. One of the things that make the bathroom look congested is the way we install our furniture. Don’t entertain large cabinets in your bathroom. Make it lean and also have simple small knobs and handles. This will make your bathroom look organised, neat and spacious.

Different Tiles

Having the same type of tiles in your bathroom may not bring the best feeling you may want to have. You can select different types of tiles and put them in different parts of the bathroom. Different colours play a part in a bathroom, but you should focus on the more modern looking ones.

Dedicated Vanity

Vanity Bathroom MirrorsA bathroom is a place where you should feel proud of once you have completed the renovation. You should add some cool factor with a dedicated, modern vanity. Put a small table and a stool where you can do your morning makeups routine in a special way. This makes your bathroom look extra sumptuous and place that you would never want to leave.

Have Patterned Tiles

For you to make your bathroom look glamorous and attractive, you must come up with new designs. The trending design is the use of tiles which have a pattern on them. Many patterns range from the modern geometric shapes to vintage inspired tiles among many others. Patterns have a rustic charm that makes a bathroom look lively and gorgeous.

Select Dark and Moody Walls

Dark walls have become a trending pattern in modern bathrooms. Cabinets painted the same as walls will give you a perfect look. You can bring a slight contrast in natural textures by ensuring you have a wooden frame mirror.

Peculiar Wall Art

Modernization has brought a lot of new wall design. A wall without any unique design makes the bathroom loo dull and not welcoming. Fish and aquarium themes have been confirmed to bring out a superb effect on the modern bathroom. However, stunning artworks like bold wallpaper prints are trending, and this has made led to bathrooms becoming more gorgeous.

Sumptuous Products

Sumptuous Bathroom ProductsThe first impression that hits your brain when you get into a bathroom is the products inside. A bathroom with more sumptuous products like photogenic soap products looks more attractive and gives a nice and welcoming feeling. Elegant shelving where you put your products is recommendable for any stylish bathroom.

Use Round Mirrors

Back in the year’s, people used to put rectangular mirrors in the bathroom. However, this has been changed a lot with the use of round mirrors. They look so glamorous compared to their rectangular counterparts that were used for in the past.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Is your bathroom looking congested? Well, wall-mounted faucets are some of the bathroom’s trending designs this year. Apart from creating space, they will also make your bathroom look more organised and elegant. It is a great design for those struggling with small bathrooms.

Fish Scale Tiles

These are the newest types of tiles that are trending this year. They have a slight variation with the currently used subway tiles, but they still maintain a fresh, feminine vibe. You can use blue pastel tiles and mix it with a gold cabinetry to make it more glamorous. You can also opt for Pantone-friendly green tiles together with luxurious marble shower.

Use Spa-Like Accessories

It is the dream of everybody to bathe in a bathroom with elegant accessories. It makes you feel as if you are in your private retreat. Quirky tools and potted fern will always make the bathroom look fashionable and updated.

Have Unusual Light Fixtures

The bathroom is the place where the best lighting accessories and fittings should be seen. As its trending, a colourful pendant or a glam chandelier will make it look awesome. A fun light fixture will also compliment a major personality onto your bathroom.

If you want to know how your design ideas would look like before you do the actual work, you can make use of these online tools for home interior design.

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