The Different Types of Wall Art for Your Home

You’ve got the perfect furniture and the right rug, your room has enough light, and everything looks great, but something is missing. Your walls are bare. The colour just isn’t sufficient to bring your room to life.

It’s a common, and slightly annoying, issue with most homes. But we’ve got the perfect answer for you – wall art. Whether you have a small or large space to work with, wall art can be customized to suit size, aesthetic, and preference. In our latest post, We look at the various ways you can decorate your walls to give your home that extra edge.

The first step is deciding if you prefer a modern, vintage, or classic look for your walls. If you want a little bit of everything then there are also some contemporary options that provide an eclectic, but a classy mix of all the favourite styles over the last century.

A Touch of Uniqueness with Wall Photographs

Wall PhotographsWall photographs add a unique and personalized touch to your home. Adding a classic black wood, plastic, or metal frame creates a look that makes the picture stand out without taking away the essence of the photo. The matte backgrounds – with a choice between white and black – give the photo a clean, finished look. Your beautiful art will be protected by a durable, but easy-on-the-eye multi-functional frame.

The Second in a Photograph with Framed Photography

You don’t have to be a photographer to have beautiful scenes displayed on your walls. And there’s something particularly special about urban, abstract, and natural photography. The person behind the lines considers several elements before getting the perfect shot – from lighting and angles to timing and technique. A professional photograph captures a lifetime the stories in one well-timed, utterly unique second. Doesn’t this story deserve to be displayed?

Modern Meets Memories with Multi-Panel Photography

This is where your creative prowess gets to shine! It’s a trend that’s been brewing for a while and is now being used as wall art in homes across the world. High-quality images are split into 3 or 5 panels, creating a fresh, clean style with a touch of tradition. The softened, rounded lines of the photo perfectly complement the stark lines of the split, turning your art into a rich mix of modern, stylish décor. It’s also versatile –images come in a range of sizes, and the edgy look allows it to be effective regardless of how small or large your image is.

The Infinite Photograph with Photography Wrapped Canvas

When a print is wrapped around a canvas, the look almost appears three-dimensional. And it certainly stands out. The canvas wrapping creates a textured finish, and at times, produces a slightly old-school, authentic look. Combining this with a photograph displays an interior that teeters between modern, traditional, and contemporary. As the picture moves behind the edge of the frame, it’s firmly stapled at the back. The result is a stunning view of an infinite photograph that seems to go behind the wall and carry on forever.

A Painting Says 1000 Words

Wall PaintingsIf you’re going for a modern wall art look in your home, then it’s natural to lean more towards photographs than paintings, but don’t discard this option just yet. Like photos, a picture tells a story, but instead of this story captured in one second, it’s caught in many dimensions – from the stroke of the brush to the mixture of the colours, a painting can grab the eye and make you do a double-take. Everyone has their interpretation of paintings, bringing in an elusive, but exciting element to your home. Choose from acrylic, watercolour or oil paintings – each style has its nuances and characteristics.

Types of Wall Paintings

Wall paintings also come with variety – and watercolour, acrylic, and oil paintings each have their nuances and roles to play.

Acrylic Painting

First developed in the 1940s, acrylic paint maintains superb colour retention and contains agents that allow it to resist the harsh effects of the sun and its UV rays longer than oil base paints. It also dries faster, which means that other artistic elements, such as charcoal or pastel, can be added to the artwork, creating a multi-dimensional piece. Because of its ability to expand and contract without splitting, it retains a sleek, beautiful sheen for longer.

Oil Painting

Oil artworks add depth to a picture as light refracts through the layers of oil. This method also allows the work to be presented in detail, providing an interpretative contrast between light and dark. Oil paintings take about six months to dry, so the work is rooted in permanence and stability.

Watercolour Paints

The clarity of watercolour paints gives it an inner brilliance that you won’t find in acrylic and oil paints. Watercolour paintings are ever changing because the colour comes from the light bouncing off the white paper and then reflecting through the pain – it’s fluid, it moves, and it appears to shine from within.

Beautiful Meets Practical with Wall Decals

Wall DecalsWhen it comes to wall decals, we’re spoiled for choice, and it’s become even more popular by the day. Not only is it cost effective, easy to use and purposeful, but it can be customized for every room – from the children’s room at the dentists, to the tranquil room of a spa where a meaningful quote or a peaceful bird might be displayed. Thanks to technology, these pieces can be made life-sized, and the removable vinyl cut-out transformed into any animal, symbol, object, or even person you want.

One of the biggest concerns with stickers is that when peeling it off, you might cause damage to the wall, but vinyl decals are different as removing them without causing any harm to your wall is easy. Wall decals are something the whole family can use – children will love the vibrant, exciting images on offer, and if they grow out of it, there are always more demure subtle options.

The ways to spruce up your walls and add some extra excitement are endless. If you’re feeling torn between all the options, remember that this is your space and anything can be adapted and altered to make you feel as comfortable as possible in a home that reflects not only your unique style but the different characteristics of everyone in your family.

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