The Best Online Tools for Interior Designing at Home

Purchasing a home is an easy choice but designing it to pull off as striking and elegant can be difficult. Do proper research. With a lot of interior designs trends popping up, you might become confused as to what style you want.  Although most people rely on old-fashioned paper media for designs, it is possible to do it via many online platforms.

Online tools will give you a chance to look at what your home might look like even before you can start any construction work. It makes it easy to design things the way you want especially when it comes to the interior. You are assured of accuracy in this method unlike with paper sketches and graphics. Below are some of the online tools you can use to design your home.

Online Resource for Home Interior Design


Autodesk HomestylerThis is one of the easiest to use online tools that can help you come up with the perfect design. Floorplanner comes with a lot of different options that you can use to customise your plan. With this fantastic online tool, you can just design your home, garden or even your office within just a few steps. It has a library of objects which you use to make any design you may want. With this site, it is easy to create and share your designs online. This helps in interacting and exchanging your ideas on the possibilities of your new home.

Autodesk Homestyler

This is another easy online tool to use. With it, you can easily drag and drop options with their room planner tool. Autodesk Homestyle also helps you in decorating your designs. Using this you are able to have a clear idea of what your home will look like after construction. If you want to create floor plans, again this is the best online tool to use.  To ensure you are confident in what you are doing it has a library in which you can go through at other designs from other designers. This inspires you to continue using the tool and also make changes to your designs as you may want.


Ikea PlannerIKEA planner can be termed as one of the best digital tools when it comes to interior designs. It is a Swedish product from the globally renowned brand. It is a user-friendly tool for interior designing. It has furniture in it, and you can use it to determine whether your sofa will fit in the room. It also covers places like kitchens, home offices and living rooms.


HomeBase is a planning tool from the UK. Like others mentioned above, it is capable of doing all your interior designs until you are happy with your future look. Besides that, it has a unique feature such as the calculator that estimates the amount of paint required on the floor and walls etc. This helps in determining the overall cost of the interior designing of your home before you start with the hard work.


What makes Sketchup popular with home designing is that fact that it’s 3D modelling software. It has two types of versions: the free one and the paid version. It has tutorials that help you to familiarise yourself with it and is great for realistic imaging once you learn to use it properly.

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